Cod. Autore Titolo Annotazioni Casa editrice Anno Pagg. Titolo originale N.ordine DDC
572-MOS Mossé Fernad (Editor) Twelve Very Short Stories by Modern Authors Selected and edited by Fernand Mossé + Introduction, notes and exercises (55 pag.) Didier Paris 1953 111 5143 808.8 MOS
572-DIC Dickens Charles A Tale of Two Cities Mit Anmerkungen zum Schulgebrauch herausgegeben von J. W. Stoughton and Prof. Dr. Albert Herrmann ( mit Anhang zu A Tale of tow cities by Dickens 43 S.) Velhagen & Klasing Bielefeld 1928 172 7482 823.8 DIC
572-HER Herford Charles Harold English Literature Ernest Benn Ltd. London 1929 80 7447 820.9 HER
572-SHA Shakespeare William The Merchant of Venice A comedy – Mit Anmerkungen zum Schulgebrauch neu herausgegeben von Dr. F. Ost + Anhang zu The Merchant of Venice (37 Seiten) (7269 bis) Velhagen & Klasing Bielefeld 1926 101 7269 822.33 SHA
572-THO Thornley G.C. British and American Short Stories Selected and simplified by G. C. Thornley
Bates H E Lawrence D H Somerset Maugham and others
Longman London 0-582-52812 7 1977 111 6860 428.64 THO